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Vice President - Korine Jozwiak-Falk
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My world has been built upon learning from animals, especially dogs.

At a young age I was competing with small animals in 4H shows. 

I've worked in the veterinary field as a vet tech, volunteered at local

shelters and rescues, worked as a nutritional consultant for dog food

companies, and I am certified in New Jersey for Animal Control and Cruelty Investigation. 

I currently run and own a dog training company & love every minute of building stronger relationships between owners and their dogs.

I've been competing and breeding Alaskan Klee Kai for over 10 years now.  I volunteer for our breed's

National Rescue, AKKNR, fostering and coordinating rescue efforts.  

I have served as Club Treasurer for several years while helping to establish the Club and breed in AKC FSS.

This breed is my passion and having the chance to be involved to help them take the steps necessary to advance in AKC is an absolute honor.

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