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In Agility, dogs race against a clock as they navigate an obstacle course. Dogs and owners strive to improve their speed and teamwork Agility is a fun, energizing sport that provides healthy exercise for dogs and a rewarding experience for owners.

Companion Event


Companion Event

Developed in the 1930s, Obedience is one of the AKC’s oldest sporting events. The objective is to train your dog to be well-behaved at home or in public places. Whether you are walking on- or off-leash or retrieving and jumping, obedience demonstrates the teamwork between you and your dog.



Companion Event

Think of an AKC Rally® event as any team sport: You and your dog navigate, side-by-side, through a course of 10-20 different signs. The signs indicate a skill for your dog to perform, like sit or down. You and your dog move continuously throughout the course with a clear sense of teamwork. Rally is about working happily together while performing the necessary skills.



Coursing - Lure, CAT, Fast CAT

All dogs have skills and instincts that come naturally, whether it’s running, hunting, or chasing. If you’ve ever wondered how good your dog’s natural abilities are, you might consider a low-stress, non-competitive test where each dog runs individually to measure performance.

 - Lure Coursing:  In this event, Sighthounds chase a mechanized, white plastic lure around a 600–800 yard course that simulates the unpredictability of chasing live prey, while helping to improve their focus, agility and sportsmanship.

 - CAT:  One of the easiest ways to get involved in the world of dog sports is with a Coursing Ability Test (CAT). Designed specifically for newcomers, each dog chases after an artificial lure on either a 300- or 600-yard long course and must finish in less 1 ½ minutes and 2 minutes, respectively.

 - Fast CAT:  Think of Fast CAT® – which stands for Coursing Ability Test – like measuring a track star’s speed: Dogs run individually in a timed 100-yard dash.

Performance Event


Companion Event

Tracking is a non-competitive sport that demonstrates your dog’s natural ability to recognize and follow scent. It is the foundation of canine search and rescue work. In tracking, your dog is completely in charge since only he knows how to find and follow a specific scent. For many, the greatest pleasure of tracking are the hours spent outside, training and interacting with their dogs.

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Scent Work

AKC Scent Work is a sport that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent and communicate to the handler that the scent has been found. Real-life detection dogs are trained to search for a variety of things–drugs, explosives, human remains, currency, other contraband, living humans (such as for Search and Rescue), and much more.  AKC Scent Work takes this amazing working relationship and turns it into a fun game that any dog can play.

Performance Event


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