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AKC Open Shows and Companion Events

FSS Open Shows are informal AKC sanctioned events. They allow owners and their dogs

of FSS and Miscellaneous Class breeds a chance to gain the ring experience of a

conformation dog show in a relaxed and inviting environment. While no points may

be earned towards a Championship, Certificate of Merit points may be earned.

FSS Open Shows also allow clubs, judges, and stewards to gain the experience needed

for licensed events. FSS Open Shows are run much like a match on the day of the event. Miscellaneous Class breeds will be considered equivalent to a Group as will the

FSS breeds. The winner of the Miscellaneous Class and FSS Groups will go on to

compete Best in FSS Open Show.

Match Shows vs FSS Open Shows - This exciting new event was developed as a way to

provide the practice needed for exhibitors, dogs, judges, and clubs. Match shows are

now often offered following Best in Show at an all-breed show. Potential new exhibitors

that would not know about the all-breed event would in turn not know about

the match either. This often appeals to seasoned exhibitors rather than

inviting and encouraging new exhibitors to the sport.


FSS Open Shows will provide clubs the opportunity to welcome new exhibitors to the

sport as well as find potential club members. AKC will help make your FSS Open Shows

a success by inviting AKC exhibitors in your area and promoting FSS Open Shows

on the AKC Events Calendar.   FSS and Miscellaneous breeds, ages 4 months and

older on the day of the event, are eligible to compete and earn points towards the

Certificate of Merit. Approved parent clubs for Miscellaneous Class and FSS breeds

may offer classes for all Miscellaneous & FSS breeds or for their breed only!

Companion Events
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Obedience Events
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Tracking Events
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