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  • Demonstration that members and breeders are actively involved, determined by an increase in dogs and/or litters enrolled/registered in AKC Foundation Stock Service.  Breeders need to register a litter with AKC before AKC will allow the club to mark them as breeders of Alaskan Klee Kai.  So breeders, please let the AKKCOA Secretary know at  ( when you have registered a litter with AKC so we can update the records, from dog owner to breeder,  going to AKC.  Not our rules. LOL

  • Promoting the Breed, Shows and Activities to Breeders, to Owners and to the Public.

  • Members are encouraged and actively participating in the Club and in AKC Open Shows and Companion event competitions such as agility, obedience, rally, tracking, and Performance events such as scent work, lure cousing, CAT, Fast CAT, and any other AKC title/certificatins in which the breed is eligible.  Please use the form below when you have participated in the events for AKC or AKC approved venues (and pictures are welcome so we can cheer each other on). 

  • Documentation of club events conducted, or events in which the breed has participated, such as fun matches, AKK regional meetups/gatherings, general/community public education, educational seminars, Meet The Breeds events, Responsible Dog Ownership Events, Pet Expo or Dog Expo, educating children about the breed, and any other opportunities to educate the public about the breed.



Please print and use the forms above to report activities, with some photos if available. 

Send to the AKKCOA Secretary, Jelayne Nygren, at so we can

share your fun and experiences, and update the records going to AKC for participation. 

Thank you all for your help!

Club & Member Activity Requirements

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