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Secretary - Jelayne Nygren
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Jelayne has lived north of Chicago, Illinois for most of her life.  She has been the 

caregiver for her elderly parents over the last several years.  Prior to this, she has

worked in Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Business and Systems Analysis, and 

Information Technology (to name a few, LOL). 


Researching Siberian and Alaska huskies, she stumbled on this unique and beautiful little mini husky called the Alaskan Klee Kai and fell in love.  This was a gorgeous husky in a lap size companion package!   She researched everything she could find on line about the dog, owners, and breeders.  Analyst that she is, she tracked breeders, and where they got their beginnings from, all the way back to the first breeder and AKK creator, Linda Spurlin, in Alaska.  Not able to find a way to contact Linda directly, she did the next best thing and contacted the other pioneers who worked with Linda, Eileen Gregory and her daughter Chris Shackelford in Colorado. 


After a trip to Colorado to meet Chris and Eileen and their wonderful little fur balls of joy, she continued to talk to them and do more research.  She was able to attend the UKC Gateway Show in 2017 to meet them again, along with other owners, breeders, and their amazing dogs, and became officially obsessed with the AKK.  Shortly after this show, Eileen and Chris offered them their beautiful little Ziva, who continues to steal their hearts every single day.  After attending several other shows, meeting many breeders and owners, and confirming the AKK ‘potato chip rule’, 2 years later they added Cheillin (Kylin), from Sherry Holloway (Sibridge Alaskan Klee Kai), who continues to help with their AKK and Club education.  I was honored to help with the AKKAOA Club in seveal areas and also help the club as Vice President.    


Jelayne pursues knowledge and experience from all the wonderful breeders and owners all across the country, and wants to help contribute, educate, and protect this amazing breed.  She was honored to be asked to work with Linda, Eileen, and Chris to help with the requirements to get the AKK accepted into AKC's FSS group, starting our breed registrations with AKC FSS, and working together with Linda and the Board of Directors, and club members, to grow this breed and club in AKC as Secretary of AKKCOA.

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