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President - Sherry Holloway
Email Sherry Holloway

Hello, I have lived just outside of Nashville TN most of my life.  I am a retired

hairdresser of 25 years and am married to a wonderful man, Tim who

understands and enjoys my passion for the Alaskan Klee Kai.


I first got involved with the AKK in 1997.  My parents were on a trip to Alaska when my father called one day and said he found a 7 lb. Onyx (one of my beloved Siberians. I had been showing and breeding Siberians for about 10 years) I said sure you did.  But he insisted, so he gave me Eileen’s info and I gave her a call. To my surprise, she was going to the first UKC show the AKK were accepted (Premier 1997) in June so I made arrangements to attend. I was surprised to see these lil guys.  Unimak was the first to catch my eye.  He was beautiful. I knew then I had to have a few of these special dogs. Although my showing experience had been with AKC, I gave Eileen a crash course in showing, practicing in the hotel parking lot. We had a wonderful time that weekend and I knew I had to have Unimak after leaving there.


I got on Eileen’s waiting list and a month or so later she called and said she had a pup for me.  Again I made arrangements to take a vacation with my daughter and parents, and we were headed to Colorado.

I was amazed when I arrived. So many of these lil guys and, until then, I had never heard of them.  I also started talking to Eileen about Unimak. She finally agreed to let me have him; I also brought back Cody and Chechako (who passed at age 15).  Before I left there, I told Eileen what I would like to have in an AKK.  In January of 1998 I made a return trip to get Popper and also ended up with Katahna.  I was set to start my small breeding program. I have really enjoyed my AKK and it has been a learning experience.


I have served on many of the committees and have been President of AKKAOA for 2 terms.  I also was Treasurer for the Siberian Husky Club of Middle Tennessee and have had a lot of experience with AKC.  I thought I was done with being on a club board but I was asked to help in getting the AKK into AKC, so here I am again.  I look forward to getting to know as many breeders and pet owners as possible and making this club the best it can be with help from the Board of Directors and its members.

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