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Eligibility to Request Miscellaneous Class Status

  • AKKCOA Parent Club is designated to represent the breed in AKC.

  • The Club has balloted the membership to seek AKC recognition.

  • Minimum of 150 dogs enrolled with three-generation pedigrees.

  • Breed Standard has been revised to meet the AKC Breed Standard Guidelines and approved by AKC staff and Club membership.

  • Formal presentation for AKC club status is sent to Club Relations for review.

  • Submit request to the AKC Board to move into Miscellaneous Class – date of entry January 1, or on or about July 1.

  • Continued participation in Events and enrolling dogs and litters in the Foundation Stock Service registrations.

The AKC recognition process begins with with the breed

being admitted to the Miscellaneous Class.

While in Miscellaneous Class the club will be working with a Delegate

from the Parent Club Delegate Committee, to gain further understanding of the

responsibilities of a Parent Club and provide mentoring to the club to

gain full AKC recognition and membership status.

Eligibility to Request Full Recognition

  • Minimum number of dogs enrolled in the AKC FSS is recommended to be 300-400 dogs with 3-generation pedigrees.

  • Minimum of 20 litters bred and recorded while the breed is in Miscellaneous Class to ensure that the breed is established and sustainable.

  • Membership of the club is a minimum of 100 eligible households, geographically distributed thoughout the country.

  • Certificate of Merit (CM) earned by a minimum of ten (10) different dogs owned by Parent Club members.  

  • Parent Club has conducted a minimum of two (2) FSS Open Shows for Miscellaneous Class and FSS breeds (minimum of six months apart, and may request to hold additional events geographically distributed) 

  • Minimum of three Judges Education Seminars conducted by the Parent Club while in the Miscellaneous Class. 

  • Judges Education course developed in collaboration with AKC Staff to be made available on the AKC Canine College for the purpose of providing educational opportunities for prospective judges of the breed.

  • Competing in Miscellaneous Class and Open Shows.  The number of dogs competing is tracked by AKC staff for geographic distribution of dogs being shown.  

  • Documentation of Parent Club Activities and of participants for Shows, Matches, Judge Education, Seminars, Meet the Breeds, Responsible Dog Ownership Events, etc. 

  • Documentation of holding Annual Meetings and Board Meetings and the election of officers conducted in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Confirmation of Parent Club Board approved interest in applying for Member Club Status.

  • Constitution and bylaws, reviewed and approved by AKC Club Relations and Club membership.

  • Minutes of Board and Annual Meeting submitted and reviewed

  • Membership updated annually, including a separate electronic membership list upload using officer issued access code

  • A minimum of one year has elapsed since entering the Miscellaneous Class

  • When all criteria are met, the information is presented to the AKC Board of Directors for approval to move to full AKC recognitin and breed conformation and competition.

When entering the Miscellaneous Class, breeds with less than 1,000 dogs will be evaluated at the

end of each year; and breeds with over 1,000 dogs enrolled in FSS® may request evaluation for

full recognition after six (6) months in Miscellaneous. 

Normally breeds remain in the Miscellaneous Class one to three years. Advancement to full

registration will be contingent on growth in enrollment of dogs in FSS® and

participation in AKC events as well as Club growth.


More information can be found on the  AKC website

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