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Alaskan Klee Kai Road to AKC

Linda Spurlin, Breed Developer Initiative


Work In Progress

Form and Grow a Strong National Breed Club

  • Educational website to share information with the public.

    • AKKCOA Club and contact information.

    • Breed information submitted to FSS, standard, health and medical information, breed details.

    • Steps from FSS to AKC, progress, links for AKC regulations for events and opportunities, and dog and litter registration forms.

    • Breed history text, development, photos and videos, memory lane, and articles of the breed in the news.

    • Photos of AKK Performance, Activities, Member Activities.

    • Kids Korner - for all Ages - puppy photos and AKK educational informatin, safety guides, safety videos, and downloadable coloring pages!

    • AKC Junior Education Links

    • Membership and Members Forum (*** process in progress)

    • Additional Links - AKK National Rescue, AKC Junior Education, AKC Show nd Event Regulations, Training Tips and more!

  • Research, Development, Documentation - AKC and National Breed Club requirements, Federal, State, and Local requirements and regulations Incorporation, Licensing, Nonprofit, Taxes, Bank Account, Contitutions/Bylaws.  Develop membership and meeting processes and schedules. 

  • Officer and Board of Directors List with full contact information on file and updated with AKC annually or when an officer/board position changes.

  • Club Membership List with full contact information, year joined the club, and designations for beeders, exhibitors, dog owners and judges on file with AKC and updated annually.

  • Holding Regular Club Meetings and Board Meetings for two (2) years - Submitting the meeting minutes, including financial information, for the AKC files.

  • Publish Quarterly Newsletter (can be electronic) - provide copies to AKC along with any other public columns.  

  • Members are encouraged and actively participating in the Club, AKC Companion event competitions such as agility, obedience, rally, tracking and any other events in which the breed is eligible.

  • Documentation of club events conducted, or in which the breed has participated, such as shows, matches, judge education, seminars, Meet The Breeds, Responsible Dog Ownership Events or other opportunities to educate the public about the breed. 

  • Demonstration that members are actively involved as breeders, determined by an increase in dogs and litters enrolled in AKC Foundation Stock Service.

  • Members are encouraged to join an All-Breed Club.

  • Form some active committees like health, membership, etc.​

  • Document Club History.

  • Club has balloted the membership and confirmed that they wish to seek full AKC recognition. 

Screenshot (150).png

Upon review of all club materials and demonstration that the club is a viable

entity a request may be submitted to the AKC Board Requesting Parent Club Status.  Once the Parent Club has been designated, staff will work with the Parent Club

on the breed standard to comply with the AKC Breed Standard Guidelines.

The Parent Club Delegate Sub-committee will provide mentoring

to the club to gain full recognition and membership status with the AKC.

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